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We’re changing the way you go to therapy

Therapy with Airapy is more convenient because you can meet your therapist anywhere: a private office, a coffee shop, or online!

Available, accessible and convenient

Book online

Each therapist profile clearly displays their calendar of open appointments

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Flexible locations

Each therapist has multiple locations on their profile page to choose from

Fits your schedule

Finally, you can have therapy at the time and place that works for you

Introducing Virtual Sessions

Easy to Use

Computer and mobile phone accessible

Simple Setup

No need to download new software


Communication is secure and HIPAA-compliant

Meet some of our therapists

Kelley Eubanks

Kelley Eubanks

I have always been a systemic thinker - the way I see the world revolves around the idea that everything we do impacts those around us. Marriage and Family therapy is based in systems theory.
Joshua Green

Joshua Green

I find working as a therapist both a welcomed challenge and a wonderful privilege; I am frequently humbled by many of the people I work with and feel lucky witness and influence their growth.
Kelly O'Sullivan

Kelly O'Sullivan

I am passionate about helping people to develop new coping skills and reach their goals. Through our work together you will have the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings.


of workers in the U.S. rate their jobs as very or extremely stressful

1 in 3

adults in America experience an anxiety disorder at some point


of U.S. adults experienced mental illness in 2019

Just feel good again

I’ve been thinking about going back to therapy for awhile but never made the time to do it. This was a really convenient way to get back and stop procrastinating. I’ve been thrilled with my Airapy therapist and sessions.

Airapy patient,

I love how fast it was to set up the appointment and how quickly I could see someone, and that I have the ability to see a clear calendar of available times (vs. having to be on the phone with an admin who takes forever).

Airapy patient,

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