Over the weekend I had the opportunity to talk to Monica Mehalshick, co-founder of Airapy's new sister service Airapy Concierge! For those who aren't aware, Airapy helps users connect with therapists who are listed on the marketplace. Airapy Concierge is a similar service, but as I learned from Monica in our talk, Airapy Concierge is a more personalized experience for finding therapy services.

Per Monica's description, Airapy Concierge pairs individuals with a Concierge (such as herself!) who then work with the clients to match them with a therapist based on a client's preferences. Such preferences may include gender, age, and experience in certain industries or fields of expertise. From there, the Concierge will leverage Airapy's network of licensed therapists, as well as the Concierge's own personal network, to match their clients with providers based on their preferences. What I personally found awesome is that the service was founded not only for individuals, but also small businesses too! Businesses can work with a Concierge to offer their employees access to therapy services without being extremely costly for the company or individual employees. Each client's Concierge will work with them to ensure their insurance works for the therapist selected, and in the event that a client does not connect well with the recommended therapist, the Concierge will continue to work with the client until they are satisfied with their match.

When I asked Monica how she came on board to be a co-founder of Airapy Concierge with Rachel, she told me about how the two of them met when fostering a dog years ago. With Monica being a licensed therapist for fifteen years, and having her own private practice for the past ten years, she's extremely knowledgeable in this space and has a large personal network of licensed therapists that she utilizes when working with Airapy Concierge clients. What really stuck with me was her passion for therapy and helping others: "Social work is a thankless job, but I love what I do because I never have the same day twice. Every day that I work I get to meaningfully help individuals." Getting to hear how much passion Monica has for her work in Airapy Concierge really made me believe in the service they are providing; offering to help clients find a therapist that is right for them makes getting help much less of a hassle than finding one on their own. Especially with Concierges being willing to work with clients until they find the right therapist for them, it really speaks to how customer-focused the startup is. As Monica described it, "Airapy Concierge is more than simply searching for a therapist; it's a matching service to pair clients with the best possible therapist for them."

After hearing how much passion Monica has for the company, I asked her what her vision was for the future of Airapy Concierge. She shared with me that, in the long run, her and Rachel's vision is to help small businesses. Traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) that sometimes include therapy services are cheap but clunky and hard to use. Airapy Concierge is a specialized EAP just for mental health. This not only makes such a service affordable for smaller businesses, but also helps mental health be addressed in the workplace without asking businesses to overpay for what they do not use, prioritizing the quality of the service for the businesses that AirapyConcierge works with.

So, how can someone begin working with a Concierge? Monica says it best: "First, we want you to give yourself a pat on the back for wanting to reach out and get help, as it is the most important step on the road to healing. Then, we recommend filling out a contact form to learn more about the business and how we can help you and your company, or schedule a consultation with one of our Concierges." Yup, it's as simple as that! Airapy Concierge makes it incredibly easy to get started with talking to a Concierge.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Airapy Concierge to get started today in finding a therapist that's just right for you.