How many times has fear, doubt, and what-ifs stopped you from doing something life changing? Personally, too many times for me to count. If I had a dollar for every time I didn’t take a chance because I was afraid, anxious, or worried of the possible outcome, I’d be on the Forbes List. Facing my fears has been a constant battle for me. There have been times where I allowed fears to control my life. Grasping the concept that every day is different is extremely difficult and develops many uncertainties. I remember countless times where I questioned putting goals and aspirations aside because I was afraid that my fears would stop me from achieving and accomplishing them. Living in fear, being extremely anxious, and worrying about uncertainties will worsen our health and overall wellbeing. When I realized this, I knew I had to break the cycle of allowing fears to control my life.

So how do we break the cycle of allowing our fears to take control of our lives? I can assure you that it will not happen overnight. This is a very individualized process that requires internal dialog and a lot of patience. To assess facing our fears, we must realize that everyone has their own personal struggles. We’re human, and we all deal with personal struggles as we try to find balance and clarity in life. We all go about our daily routine, managing our struggles and trying to find our purpose in life. I can’t speak on behalf of all millennials, but I still struggle with finding my own path in life. It is challenging to assess our skills, goals, and dreams because of inhibitors such as fear, doubt, and what-ifs.

The first step in breaking the fear cycle was a mental process where I had to dig deep and focus on ideas that serve purpose for my wellbeing. One idea that sparked was my sincere interest in helping people. Some may perceive this trait as a weakness or downfall; but I can attest that the outcome makes me genuinely happy. I truly believe that we are faced with personal challenges in life to help others who are facing similar adversities.

My aspiration is to help encourage, inspire, and motivate people- and if that means that I have to embrace vulnerability, and talk about my personal struggles, then I don’t mind. If I can help someone who feels alone to find solace, then I know I am doing something right. Ultimately, helping others around you creates a sense of community – a strong bond that emanates support, love, and compassion. Helping others ultimately helps me as well. Prior to volunteering for causes I feel passionate about, I had felt alone, scared and insecure. After meeting with people and sharing our stories, I came to the realization that being a part of a community brings meaning into my life. Being a volunteer and having a role in a support system not only helps others, but it helps me as well. I find that I can handle uncertainty better than before, as well as alleviating feelings of fear, doubt, and what-ifs that had held me back from taking chances and living life.

The meaning of this post is to exemplify the possibilities of banishing fear, doubt, and what-ifs to transform our lives for the better. If you’re feeling down, or unsure about assessing your life goals, then start by asking yourself this question: “What makes me happy?” Evaluating the elements that serve meaning will cultivate positive change in your life. So, the next time you question taking a chance, be sure to surpass the feeling of fear, doubt, and the what-ifs. The outcome may lead you toward a path you had never imagined possible.