Airapy just launched its new platform—the first marketplace designed for booking therapy appointments. Two years ago I was trying to make an appointment with a new therapist, but going back-and-forth over email trying to schedule something was so stressful that I gave up. This story was not unusual—56% of people who need mental health treatment are unable to access help. So I decided to start a new marketplace for therapists that would clearly display their availability.

For therapists, Airapy is a one-stop-shop for practice management that handles marketing bookings, and payment. Therapists who want to run a part-time practice can save thousands of dollars a year by not renting office space because Airapy allows them to schedule appointments in public meeting locations.

For patients, Airapy provides a unique level of transparency when accessing care. Normally patients have to call or email and then wait for responses to book an appointment, but Airapy saves time by showing open appointments directly on each therapist's profile. Airapy makes it convenient and headache-free to get help during the pandemic: patients can choose to meet their therapist on a park bench (a safe distance away) or online. Once businesses reopen, patients will even be able to meet therapists in cafes or other public spaces.

Confidentiality is crucial to effective treatment. Due to the pandemic, Airapy has developed a custom videochat feature based on WebRTC that allows therapists to treat patients virtually. The platform is HIPAA-compliant and the communication goes through a secure end-to-end encrypted channel, so that neither party has to download or install additional software.

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