From as early as childhood, we're told to treat others with kindness; but how many of us apply this rule to ourselves? If you treat yourself as kindly as you treat others, just imagine how this mindset can improve overall wellbeing!

How do we treat ourselves with kindness? Have you ever heard of the expression, in order to love someone, you have to love yourself first? This concept can be hard to grasp, but keep in mind that if we do not love ourselves, then how can we go about living a life full of purpose and love?

The first step in this transformative way of thinking is to be kind to ourselves – our mind and our body. If you struggle with self-love and acceptance, you are not alone. Try to flip the script and shift the perspective – think of someone you love and care about. Next, imagine you telling that person the same negative thoughts directed at them, as you have done to yourself. Think of how that person would feel. The person you are thinking of in this moment would not be happy about the thoughts you have consumed about yourself.

How do we change our thinking to incorporate safe and healthy thoughts? Practice self-love and acceptance, starting with being kind to yourself. If you are hard on yourself, if you struggle with perfectionism and the feeling of never being good enough, or if you absorbed personal insecurities, then it is time to break-free from the negative, patterned behavior. Recognize the feeling and stop it in its tracks.

Utilize positive distractions, such as incorporating self-talk, exercising, meditation, crafts, games or puzzles, etc. Make time for yourself, and check-in with your mental health. Ask yourself, what are you proud of? What makes you happy? Recognize the good experiences instead of focusing on the bad. Shifting your focus on the good rather than the bad will allow you to attract positive energy. If you incorporate this practice daily, then you will see a difference in your mental and emotional health.

Practicing kindness and self-love can be challenging, and it requires patience; but it’s all a part of the journey. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, just remember to be kind to yourself as you are to others, and it will make a difference in your overall wellbeing.

This blog post originates from Gianna's blog: The Journey is Here.