Ways to Stay Socially and Cognitively Engaged at Home

Home activities

● Puzzles —  word search, crossword, puzzle pieces
● Card games: Solitaire
● Strategy games
● Reading- newspaper, books
● Writing —  journal, stories, letters
● Organize (my all time favorite!)- photos, mail, papers, closets, drawers
● Indoor gardening
● Cook
● Color, paint, draw
● Listen to or play music
● Watch a movie
● Exercise — as recommended by your physician, physical and occupational therapists
● Sew, craft, bead, Pinterest ideas, scrapbook
● Cuddle with your pet:)

Video chat with friends or family

(FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, HouseParty, GoogleHangout, etc):
● Share a meal or beverage together
● Play a game together
● Watch a movie together
● Share photos
● Exercise together
● Talk about your day, share stories

Computer/Phone Games

House Party app

Computer/Phone Apps

● Luminosity — Brain Training
● BrainGames
● Elevate — Brain Training
● Mind Games
● Peak — Brain Training
● Best Memory Matching
● Constant Therapy

Resources For Keeping it Cool:)

Mental Health America — Resources for free relaxation and meditation exercises, programs, tools
The Happiness Lab — Listen to “Beating Your Isolation Loneliness” and “Coach Yourself Through a Crisis.”
How to manage anxiety and stress — resource from the CDC

If you are having a hard time or would like to just chat, feel free to email us at Fairmount Speech Therapy!